Country-Wide Genome Projects

In recent years, the field of population genomics emerged, studying the genomic characteristics of an entire population better to understand issues regarding evolution, migration, and health. Researchers can identify genetic variants associated with particular traits or diseases by sequencing the genomes of large numbers of people. Also, this information can develop new methods for diagnosing and treating illnesses.

As whole genome sequencing (WGS) becomes less expensive and more accessible analysis methods are becoming available, we have shifted from looking at discreet biomarkers to large-scale sequencing approaches. In addition, our understanding of intronic variants and regions, such as Topologically Associating Domains (TAD), leads to an increased interest in WGS.

Golden Helix has extensive experience building scalable analytics capabilities that allow national genome centers to build out powerful capabilities to support the work of hundreds of researchers and clinicians.

Maximizing Profitability in Your NGS Testing Lab

Learn how to develop repeatable cacner and germline interpretation workflows that scale from panels to whole exomes and genomes.

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