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Genotype Statistics Summary

Author: Greta Linse Peterson, Golden Helix, Inc.

This script takes a spreadsheet that contains a case/control dependent variable and SNPs and runs all of the genotype association tests as well as tests for a heterozygous advantage model (Dd vs DD, dd) and a homozygous comparison model (DD vs dd). Also calculates Chi Squared Scores, Correlation/Trend test scores and completes count tables.

Genotype Statistics

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Recommended Directory Location

Save the script to the following directory:
*..\Application Data\Golden Helix SVS\UserScripts\Spreadsheet\Analysis

Note: The Application Data folder is a hidden folder on many operating systems and its location varies between operating systems. The easiest way to locate this directory on your computer is to open SVS and go to Tools >Open Folder > UserScripts Folder. If saved to the proper folder, this script will be accessible from the Spreadsheet Analysis menu.

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