Genetic Testing for Cancer

In 1914 the German cytologist Theodor Boveri coined the phrase "Cancer is a disease of the genome". At this time his ideas were equally revolutionary as they were highly contested. Fast forward. More than a hundred years later, Next-Generation Sequencing effectively permits a highly sensitive analysis of cancer cells. It can help us to understand mutations associated with cancer development and progression. It also reveals other genomic rearrangements previously unknown to occur in the cancer genome. Translation of these findings for clinical purposes is increasingly part of standard care today. I fully believe that next-generation sequencing will rapidly become a powerful tool for the personalized diagnosis and management of cancer.

This eBook will cover:

  • Lung cancer as an example for genomic testing
  • Conducting a gene panel base cancer diagnosis
  • How a Tumor/Normal analysis can be conducted
  • How Copy Number Variations (CNVs) can be used in the diagnostics process
  • A practical case-study of how VarSeq is deployed in leading institutions such as the University of Iowa

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