Getting Started with VSWarehouse - The User Experience

Date: April 6, 2016

Presenter: Hauwa Yusuf, Field Application Scientist

Duration: 30 Minutes



Getting Started with VSWarehouse - The User Experience


As the number of samples and associated data volume in a testing lab increases, it becomes imperative for labs to leverage state of the art warehousing technology that not only organizes data, but also aides and enables researchers and clinicians to perform further analysis, and ongoing research.

Built on the algorithms and high-performance storage technology that powers the VarSeq software, VSWarehouse offers a scalable, multi-project warehouse for NGS variant call sets, clinical reports, and a knowledge base of variant classifications.

In this webinar, we will discuss 4 topics:

1. How to use VSWarehouse as an annotation source. We will explore questions like:

  • Have I ever seen this variant before?
  • At what frequency? (How many heterozygous and homozygous genotypes?)
  • Have I used this variant in a clinical report for any previous samples?

2. Using VSWarehouse to alert for changes in public annotations that warrant a review of previously reported decisions. We can use this to answer questions such as:

  • What has changed in public databases like ClinVar since I last accessed this variant?

3. How researchers with lots of data can use VSWarehouse to create a single repository of clinical samples that allows for retrospective cohort research studies.

4. Using the VSWarehouse API to query for information such as:

  • How many samples have been added to the warehouse in the past day/week/month/year?
  • How many tests did I conduct in the past day/week/month/year?

These questions and many more are answered by our integrated variant warehousing solution. VSWarehouse retains data from sample VCFs or their genomic annotations, even as new samples and updated annotations are added. VSWarehouse creates a single annotated matrix of all unique variants for all uploaded samples and can be accessed through multiple interfaces.

About the Presenter

Hauwa Yusuf

Hauwa Yusuf joined the Golden Helix development team in January of 2016 and is a Field Application Scientist. Hauwa graduated from Montana State University in 2014, and works on data curation, script development, and VSReports. When not working, Hauwa is a world traveler in search of an adventure.

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