Advancing Agrigenomic Discoveries with Sequencing and GWAS Research

Date: January 8, 2014

Presenter: Greta Linse Peterson, Director of Product Management and Quality

Duration: 60 Minutes



Advancing Agrigenomic Discoveries with Sequencing and GWAS Research


Agrigenomic research is difficult enough without having to coerce software designed for human genetics to work with the plant or animal species you're studying. Not anymore.

In this webcast, Greta Linse Peterson will present updated workflows in SNP & Variation Suite 8 (SVS) and GenomeBrowse for agricultural genetic research. SVS includes a robust suite of analytical tools and a revolutionary genome browser in one program to support a wide-variety of species including plant, animal, and parasites. New tools make it easy to adjust for inbreeding and incomplete pedigrees, making it even easier than before to identify variants related to pest and disease resistance, increased feed efficiency, milk production, and more. Topics to be covered include: supported file formats for importing data (including imputation sources like FindHap, Fimpute, and Impute2), comprehensive sequencing and GWAS workflows to take your analysis from QA to finding putative variants or SNPs of interest, common pitfalls to avoid and precautions when working with agrigenomic data, and visualizing results seamlessly in an integrated genome browser.

About the Presenter

Greta Linse Peterson

Greta Linse Peterson is Golden Helix's Director of Services. Her main duty is managing the Field Application Scientist and Customer Support teams. Greta and her team are also responsible for software quality control, ensuring that the software releases are subject to the most rigorous testing protocols and for all the technical documentation and tutorials. Greta joined Golden Helix in 2008 when she completed her Masters degree in both Mathematics and Statistics at Montana State University in Bozeman. When Greta is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and hiking the surrounding areas of Bozeman.