Automated FASTQ to Reports with VarSeq Suite: A fast, flexible solution

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February 8, 2023 // 12:00 PM EST

Presented By: Gabe Rudy & Solomon Reinman

NGS tests in the clinic cover more use cases than ever and are increasingly complex to implement. This leads to an increase in time to validate and bring tests to production, impacting a lab’s ability to be economically viable and serve the needs of patients. Core to the complexity is the expansion of tests to include multiple types of biomarkers and variants, including CNVs, gene fusions, and genomic signatures. The bioinformatics demands of these pipelines require powerful tools with built-in capabilities to handle the diverse needs of modern NGS tests and to integrate and automate the disparate steps leading to clinical insight.

Join us in this webinar as we explore the VarSeq suites’ capabilities as a fast, modular, and highly configurable solution for variant analysis and interpretation. We will cover:

  • The bioinformatic diversity of comprehensive genetic tests with NGS
  • Automation of FASTQ to clinical reports without losing control over the results of a test
  • Leverage built-in and custom automation capabilities in the VSClinical cancer guideline workflow to reduce work and improve accuracy

  • Reporting the relevant diagnostic and therapeutic findings for a patient based on the raw genomic data of modern NGS tests requires both human experience and advanced analysis software. We hope you can join us as we unpack how automation is a critical part of implementing NGS tests and furthering the application of precision medicine.

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