Cyber Security for NGS Testing Labs

Building Secure Analysis and Storage Systems with Golden Helix

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Recorded On: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Genetic testing labs deal with personal data in categories with the highest level of security requirements: personal identity and medical records. Given the liability and risk associated with a breach of this secure information, it is not surprising that many labs and institutes that aggregate genomic data prefer if not require on-premise analysis and storage solutions. 

Golden Helix is in a unique position to provide completely on-premise analysis solutions with a history of building analysis software from the ground-up on first principles and a focus on providing integrated, turn-key solutions. This allows for a licensing model based on training and supporting users, not tracking per-sample usage of cloud resources. As the regulatory environment around the world strengthens the privacy rights of individuals and the outcry around data breaches raises the stakes for building a secure system, we have developed a number of best practices for building secure, offline genomic analysis pipelines. Please enjoy our webcast recording as we cover: 

  • Building a FASTQ to clinical reports pipeline behind a firewall 
  • On-premise analysis, warehouse and data servers independent of the internet 
  • Single sign-on based on local credential systems and without internet access 
  • Storage and network considerations for the analysis of patient-linked data 
  • Choose when to update and validate new pipelines, data sources and software versions 

We hope you enjoy this recording as we review the capabilities and best practices in building the most secure environment for hosting the analytics behind your precision medicine tests. 

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