Evaluating Cloud vs On-Premises for NGS Clinical Workflows

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May, 18 2022

Presented By: Gabe Rudy, VP of Product and Engineering

In the era where cloud-based solutions are the default for the modern office, it may not be obvious why many laboratories and testing centers choose to host their data and analysis pipelines on-premises or on self-managed cloud services. Next-generation sequencing enables a precision medicine approach to rare disease diagnostic and cancer therapeutics through its power to detect unique variants in individuals. This data is generated quickly and cheaply but requires a lot of disk space and processing power to arrive at clinically useful insights.  

When providing a clinical lab service under a regulated environment: data security, long-term affordable storage, and versioning through locked-down pipelines are all factors that must go into the choice of whether to choose a hosted analytics platform versus on-premises solutions or self-managed cloud infrastructure.  

Join us in this webinar as we cover:

  • The validation and regulatory requirements that inform infrastructure and hosting deicisions for NGS labs
  • The cost structure of scaling NGS labs to exomes and genomes
  • Deployment and security architecture for on-premises and self-managed cloud infrastructure
  • Validating and versioning analysis pipelines with clinical tests through self-managed software lifecycles and versioned annotation sources

    Cybersecurity, patient data privacy, and scalable unit economics play a bigger role than ever before in the planning of NGS lab’s infrastructure choices. We look forward to you joining us as we tackle the trade-offs and choices around these topics and how deployment flexibility is a core feature of the Golden Helix VarSeq Suite. 

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