Evaluating Splice Site Variants in VarSeq


To adequately assess a variant's pathogenicity it is crucial to take into account the variant's effect on splicing. While mutations that disrupt the pairs of bases at the beginning of a splice site are straightforward to identify, detection of disrupted splice sites caused by changes to the splice motif is more difficult. In this webcast, we will discuss VarSeq's capabilities for detecting both disrupted and novel splice sites. This will include a deep dive into several splice site variants to examine their effect and assess their pathogenicity.

About the Presenter

Nathan Fortier, Ph.D.

Nathan Fortier, Ph.D, Director of Research for Golden Helix, joined the development team in June of 2014. Nathan obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Montana Tech University in May 2011, received a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Montana State University in May 2014, and received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Montana State University in May 2015. Nathan works on data curation, script development, and product code. When not working, Nathan enjoys hiking and playing music.