Functional Predictions and Conservation Scores in VSClinical


Computational evidence plays a vital role in the interpretation of variants using the ACMG guidelines. This includes functional prediction scores like SIFT and PolyPhen2, as well as conservation metrics such as GERP++ and PhyloP. In this webcast, we review the conservation scores and functional prediction algorithms available in VSClinical. This includes a discussion of our own implementation of these algorithms, along with a comparison to more recent variant prediction methods.

About the Presenter

Nathan Fortier

Nathan Fortier joined the Golden Helix development team in June of 2014 and is a Senior Software Engineer and Field Application Scientist. Nathan obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Montana Tech University in May 2011, received a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Montana State University in May 2014, and received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Montana State University in May 2015. Nathan works on data curation, script development, and product code. When not working, Nathan enjoys hiking and playing music.