Maximizing the Benefits of Comprehensive Genomic Testing in Cancer Care with CancerKB 2.0

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January 18, 2023 // 12:00 PM EST

Presented By: Julia Love & Dr. Rana Smalling

Comprehensive genomic testing via next generation sequencing (NGS) is being increasingly adapted as part of cancer care in conjunction with molecular and immunohistochemical tests. Comprehensive genomic profiling potentially expands the number of targeted therapies that are available to patients, improves patient diagnosis and prognosis, and increases the number of clinical trials that are relevant to patients. However, with these advancements come challenges such as gaps in expertise resulting in inadequate efforts to interpret genomic data accurately and efficiently, poorly coordinated efforts to implement precision care, patients being diagnosed and treated despite inadequate access to relevant information and subsequent lack of patient exposure to all available treatment options.

Golden Helix CancerKB v2.0 provides a means of closing the gap, whether you're a beginner who is trying to capture the vast amount of knowledge in the cancer field or an expert who has high sample volume AND needs to keep up with the ever-evolving knowledge of Tier II and III variants. In this webcast, we will discuss and apply Golden Helix CancerKB in the context of cancer precision medicine. Golden Helix CancerKB is systematically curated and reviewed by experts in the field and contains information about cancer genes, biomarkers, and treatments generated from several trusted cancer resources. With VarSeq 2.3.0’s added support for comprehensive cancer genomic profiling tests, Golden Helix CancerKB has expanded to include interpretations for genomic signatures, combination biomarkers, and more investigational (tier II) biomarkers, among several other additions that will be discussed. With the Golden Helix CancerKB database, users will experience a streamlined automatic matching of biomarkers to available drugs and trials which ultimately saves users massive amounts of time and effort while reducing the possibility for errors.

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