Prenatal Genetic Screening with VarSeq

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March 15, 2023 // 12:00 PM EST

Presented By: Jennifer Dankoff & Solomon Reinman

Our past webcast explored the current approaches for screening and diagnosis of genetic disorders in prenatal testing. While the methods available at the time were robust, they were severely limited, creating a need for a higher diagnostic yield and more efficient analysis for a wider range of genetic tests. The solution proposed was to improve and simplify prenatal screening and diagnosis with whole exome sequencing (WES).

During that webcast, we highlighted the advantages of WES over traditional methods such as karyotyping and chromosomal microarray, including improved accuracy, granularity, and cost-effectiveness. We also emphasized the potential of WES to expand diagnosis for many other adverse maternal-fetal complications beyond the large aneuploidy events previously covered. However, there was still an intimidation factor when it came to the massive data output from the exome. Fortunately, Golden Helix provided the necessary tools to build and standardize these genetic assays, simplifying the analytical process while leveraging increased diagnostic output. We explored our VarSeq software to demonstrate some example workflows of cases positive for Trisomy 21, an exon loss in DMD related to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and detection of a single base change resulting in a LOF variant in RUNX1 relevant to hereditary leukemia.

Our goal was to expose our viewers to the methods of conquering this vast NGS-based data and play a role in dissolving any feeling of intimidation. Overall, exome sequencing has the potential to vastly improve diagnostic outcomes and widen discoveries in the research related to prenatal testing, and Golden Helix products are designed to facilitate this process.

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