Reduce Turn-Around with Enhanced Cancer Annotations and CancerKB Updates

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July 21, 2021

Presented By: Tisza Bell, PhD, Field Application Scientist, and Julia Love, Genomic Curator and Product Quality Scientist

Annotation sources are constantly evolving, sometimes quite literally overnight. This is especially true in the case of cancer databases. These ever-evolving annotation sources, coupled with increasing research publications, make it difficult to do variant analysis with up-to-date scientific knowledge. With the resources available to an individual clinician or single lab, this may even prove impossible. Fortunately, VSClinical provides access to the most current clinical annotation sources - automating scoring and interpreting variants according to the most recent ACMP and AMPO guidelines. This includes many fast-changing sources such as ClinVar, as well as expert-curated reviews of literature and the latest drug-labeling from regulatory bodies.

In this webcast, we demonstrate the automation of a cancer workflow with enhanced cancer annotations for somatic and germline cancer variants:

  • Golden Helix’s own CancerKB database has been updated to include new interpretations for genes and biomarkers with AMP Tier Level I evidence for drug sensitivity, resistance, diagnostic, and prognostic information.
  • We feature a new Golden Helix curated annotation source that automates the scoring of TP53 variants with the special rule specifications by ClinGen’s TP53 Expert Panel.
  • The ClinGen Expert Curated Interpretation of Variants has always been available as an annotation source for VarSeq projects, but now the expert comments and interpretations can automatically be pulled into VSClinical and used for clinical reports.

We hope you enjoy this webcast wherein will walk through a hematological focused cancer workflow that shows off the enhanced cancer annotations and CancerKB updates!

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