Single Sample and Family-Based Genome Analysis with VarSeq

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September 21, 2022

Presented By: Darby Kammeraad, Director of Field Application Services

One major hurdle facing medicine is the need to quickly identify and assess the genetic components contributing to rare diseases. It has been estimated that nearly 350 million people suffer from rare diseases, 140 million of which are children, of whom ~30% do not live past their fifth birthday1,2. The specific issue to overcome is reducing morbidity by facilitating rapid diagnosis and treatment. Fortunately, the cost of whole genome sequencing has dropped below the $1000 mark, which not only makes the NGS approach more affordable but has become the status quo method of comprehensive diagnosis for these rare disorders. Currently, there are limited options in the market when it comes to quality software that can scale to this size of data and handle variant processing and evaluation in a timely fashion. Fortunately, Golden Helix has sought to set the market standard for top-quality NGS analysis with our bioinformatic software VarSeq. The focus of this webcast will be to explore example workflows tailored for rare disorders and elaborate on how best to expedite the NGS pipeline process with our command-line tool VSPipeline.

During this webcast, we address the following:

  • Customizing clinically validated NGS workflows with VarSeq for both single sample and trios
  • Demonstrating the automation of ACMG-based guideline review in the VSClinical variant interpretation hub and rendering of customized clinical reports
  • Expediting the NGS workflow via Golden Helix command-line tool VSPipeline

  • We hope you enjoy our presentation, where we can demonstrate the value of our products when building your next-gen workflows. Ultimately, we wish to diminish the intimidation of genome workflow design and leave our future customers feeling confident that there is capable software to suit their needs.

    Bick D, Jones M, Taylor SL, et al. Case for genome sequencing in infants and children with rare, undiagnosed or genetic disease. J Med Genet 2019; 56:783-791.
    Owen M, Lefebvre S, Hansen C, et al. An automated 13.5 hour system for scalable diagnosis and acute management guidance for genetic diseases. Nat Commun 2022; 13: 4057.

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