Performing Small-N Sequencing Workflows: Approaches to Analyzing Trio NGS Data

Date: October 30, 2013

Presenter: Autumn Laughbaum, Biostatistician

Duration: 60 Minutes



Performing Small-N Sequencing Workflows: Approaches to Analyzing Trio NGS Data


Presenter Autumn Laughbaum has years of experience in implementing and optimizing genetic research workflows across various research organizations. In this webcast, she shares her expertise in investigating small-N NGS data and some tips and tricks for working with your data effectively.

Researchers who are new to NGS data analysis will learn techniques commonly utilized in small-N sequencing workflows whereas experienced SVS users will discover more streamlined or "one-off" solutions to complement their advanced processes.

The workflow for small-N trio data will cover three main aspects: data preparation, initial investigation, and variant analysis. To effectively showcase this workflow, Autumn will also highlight the online SVS Scripts Repository, which is home to several well-tested and high-quality tools that can become part of your analytic toolbox.

About the Presenter

Autumn Laughbaum joined Golden Helix as an intern June 2010 and came aboard shortly thereafter as a Product Quality Specialist. In 2012, she moved to the Analytic Services Department as a Biostatistician. Autumn earned her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Statistics at Montana State University in December 2010. When not working, Autumn enjoys time spent outside hiking or running as well as quality time at home cooking with her husband and dog.