Tips and Tricks for Genomic Analysis

Date: August 6, 2014

Presenter: Ashley Hintz, Field Application Scientist

Duration: 30 Minutes



Tips and Tricks for Genomic Analysis


In this webcast, Ashley Hintz, Field Application Scientist, will address some common topics fielded by our support team. Topics will include the following:

  • Custom Genomes:
    Currently SVS has a large data repository of annotation data sources from a wide variety of human, animal and plant genome assemblies. Additionally adding a custom genome to SVS has become quick and easy using our new Annotation Convert Source Wizard. We will show you how to create an allele reference sequence track using a FASTA assembly file and gene annotation track using a GTF annotation file.

  • Sample Collated Spreadsheet:
    Use the Build Sample Collated Spreadsheet function to create a per marker summary of your available sample information. For example if you have imported genotypes, read depths and genotype qualities for all your samples you can create a summary of those values for each sample at each marker location.

  • Activating/Inactivating Data:
    SVS has a variety of ways to activate or inactivate data for further analysis. We have tools available that can activate your data based on a list of marker names or based on genomic position as well as tools that can inactivate duplicate values.

About the Presenter

Ashley Hintz

Ashley Hintz is a Field Application Scientist at Golden Helix Inc., having joined the team in April of 2014. Prior to GHI, Ashley worked at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum as a Genetics Laboratory and Museum Research Technician on a project looking into the disease ecology of African rodents and ectoparasites. She also has previous experience as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Southern Illinois University where she attended as a Masters in Zoology student researching the phylogenetics of planigales. In her spare time she enjoys playing with her two sugar gliders and salsa dancing.