Updates to VSClinical

ACMG Guidelines & a Tour of Cancer Annotation Sources

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Recorded On: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Earlier this year we launched our latest product VSClinical featuring workflow support for the ACMG guidelines with advanced streamlining capabilities and per-criteria recommendations. It has been amazing to watch the adoption of this product in labs doing both germline and in some cases cancer variant interpretation. Our latest VarSeq 2.1 release demonstrates our approach to iterative product improvements based on our engaged relationship with our customers and includes numerous improvements to VSClinical.

In this webcast, we cover the new and updated capabilities that can add value to your genetic testing workflows as well as review the VarSeq workflow support somatic variant interpretation in tumors by leveraging our cancer-specific annotations sources. In this webcast, we:

  • Demonstrate the new “Consortium Classification” support in VSClinical to have an additional ClinVar-like annotation source added to the streamlining and interactive ACMG scoring process
  • See how previous interpretations are integrated into your VSClinical analysis, whether they are for the current variant or are just in the genomic neighborhood
  • Cover the additional “Lookup in PubMed” variant search feature for finding supporting studies that may provide functional or clinical evidence for a variant
  • See in action the new ACMG Auto Scoring based templates for trio analysis and gene panel tests
  • Review somatic variant filtering and prioritizing in VarSeq and the updates to relevant public annotation sources including CiVIC, ICGC and a new and available to license COSMIC v86!

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