A new chapter for Golden Helix

         October 14, 2014

In our latest webcast (which introduced our newest product, VarSeq), Dr. Andreas Scherer, President and CEO of Golden Helix, announced the completion of 2 e-Books; one entitled Clinical Next-Gen Sequencing Analysis and one GWAS.

Dr. Scherer published these e-books as part of Golden Helix’s continued effort to provide educational content to our clients and the genetic community as well as to put a spotlight on the common struggles of genetic researchers.

His first book, Clinical Next-Gen Sequencing Analysis, focuses on our best understanding of how the revolution in clinical diagnostics will unfold. It reviews critical success factors for the clinical adoption of next-gen sequencing technology. Additionally, the e-book will discuss leveraging workflow design principles for gene panels, whole exome, and whole genome analysis.

Dr. Scherer’s second book, GWAS, focuses on genome-wide association studies and how they have “turned into an increasingly important approach to investigating the genetic architecture of diseases and traits.” Dr. Scherer goes on to say that “many of our clients are using GWAS as their ‘bread and butter’ method of conducting research.” GWAS aims to explain the basic steps and concepts to conducting a GWAS experiment and addresses how these steps are implemented in SNP & Variation Suite (SVS).

The e-Books have been a huge success with over 1300 downloads since their release. It is with this success that Dr. Scherer plans on writing two more e-books in the coming months. His current plans include a third book highlighting complex disease, showcasing Greta Linse Peterson’s MM-KBAC method and SKATO and a fourth e-book honing in on genomic prediction and the applications of gBLUP.

Feel free to download either or both e-books free of charge and stay tuned for the release of Dr. Scherer’s next e-book.

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