New eBook Update: Genetic Data Warehousing – Second Edition

         August 17, 2020

This morning I released a new version of my eBook “Genetic Data Warehousing – Second Edition.”

As Next-Generation Sequencing is taking off in the clinic, it creates a significant data management issue for clinicians, scientists, and IT professionals alike. How can we retain the massive amounts of data coming out of clinical pipelines in a way that enables labs to systematically build a knowledge base, capturing the insights clinicians gain on a day to day basis while analyzing the genetic information of their patients? What infrastructure is required to alert medical personnel of new research that could potentially alter medical decisions? And how can we embed the work that is happening in the labs into the general hospital workflows? Data warehousing is a pivotal technology that can help in all of these areas.

In this eBook, I will explain the concept of Data Warehousing and discuss the use cases for this technology vis-a-vis the future requirements in clinical labs that are implementing Precision Medicine. 

To receive a complimentary copy, please visit the following link:

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