ESHG 2016 – Heading to Barcelona

         May 17, 2016

In just a few days, Golden Helix will arrive in Barcelona, Spain to attend the 2016 European Society of Human Genetics Conference (ESHG). It has been some time since our team has been represented at ESHG and we are thrilled to see some of our European customers and meet some new faces in the community. This year the Golden Helix team will be represented, by Gabe Rudy. Gabe is our Vice President of Product and Engineering here at Golden Helix and he leads our development team in the creation of our software suites; SNP & Variation Suite (SVS), VarSeq (and VSPipeline, VSReports & VSWarehouse) and GenomeBrowse.

Gabe will host a series of demos (schedule below) in booth  #378 over the course of the three days that the exhibit hall is open. The demos will span both research and clinical workflows and range in topics from GWAS and Meta-Analysis to clinical testing and data warehousing. Directly after our demos, we will hand out our famous Golden Helix t-shirts. We even brought a few for your little ones!

We hope that you will stop by to say hello and to see why Golden Helix software is trusted by thousands of researchers and clinicians worldwide.

Demo Schedule for Booth #378:

Saturday, May 21st

  • 10:05 – VarSeq as a Clinical Testing Platform: FASTQ to Reports and Warehousing
  • 16:35 – Modern GWAS with Mixed Models

Sunday, May 22nd

  • 10:05 – Large-N Rare Variant Collapsing Methods
  • 14:35 – VarSeq: Somatic variant Tumor/Normal and Targeted Therapy Detection
  • 16:35 – Ending Diagnostic Odyssey  with VarSeq: Trio Workflows and for Exomes and Genomes

Monday, May 23rd

  • 10:05 – Cancer Gene Panels: Raw Variants to Clinical Reports
  • 14:35 – GWAS and Meta-Analysis
  • 16:35 – VSWarehouse: Exome and Genome Scale Warehousing for Clinical NGS Testing

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