Much Love for VarSeq: ESHG 2016 Success

         May 26, 2016

I’m very glad I had the chance to attend ESHG 2016 in Barcelona and talk to so many people about Golden Helix and our software at our booth.

ESHG may be the little sibling in size compared to ASHG, but my impression is that it punches above its weight in terms of advancing human genetics applicability to human health and clinical care at a global scale.

Over three days I had conversations with researchers, clinicians and many who span both roles from countries all over the globe. I’m truly impressed with how many labs are making gene panels, exomes and whole genomes a regular part of their diagnostic process.

I was also able to provide two suitcases of our famous (and in-house designed) genomically themed t-shirts to new homes across the globe, by demonstrating VarSeq, VSReports and VSWarehouse in multiple demos each day. As usual, our baby onesies and small-Ts were the first to go!

But more rewarding were the multiple occasions where I had the chance to do really in-depth personalized demonstrations. In one instance, I was talking to a clinical scientist who uses a number of existing tools to author her clinical reports doing much of the work by hand. We spent a good while going back and forth with her asking “how would I do this?”. Then I would show her the feature in VarSeq that anticipates the exact use case. Afterward, she exclaimed: “This is great, and it’s going to save me so much time!”

A special thanks to the many users who stopped by to say hi, and say how much they love using their Golden Helix software! It is great to know that we are creating products at Golden Helix that are saving time and advancing the application of clinical genomics.

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