Golden Helix Recognized as one of the Top 60 Genetics Blogs on the Web

         February 11, 2020

We are incredibly grateful to be recognized as one of the Top 60 Genetics Blogs on the Web by Feedspot. Our team is dedicated to educating our readers on how our solutions can help enable precision medicine, and we are so honored to have received this recognition. 

On our blog, you will discover posts touching on important topics, like cyber security strategies, customizing clinical analysis workflows, copy number variant calling, and more.

With so many topics covered in our blog, it begs the question – where do I start? To help, we compiled a list of our top five most popular blogs from 2019.

  1. Automating & Standardizing Your NGS Workflow Series – There are a number of steps necessary to optimize a full, high-throughput bioinformatics pipeline from FASTQ to clinical report. This blog series exposes users faced with high sample loads to the full-stack capabilities Golden Helix provides.
  2. Following the AMP Guidelines with VSClinical Series – This series discusses VSClinical’s workflow for interpreting and reporting genomic mutations in cancer following the AMP guidelines. It also covers each of these discrete, hands-on analysis steps with a focus on efficiency and producing consistent, high-quality results. 
  3. Cyber Security Strategies for NGS Testing Labs Series – The field of Precision Medicine is at the forefront of changing the face of healthcare. And now, a wide array of cyber threats needs to be considered when deploying state-of-the-art diagnostic pipelines. This series reviews historic data breaches and discusses common cyber threats. It also explains how Golden Helix’s solution that can be utilized entirely internet independent behind a firewall.
  4. VS-CNV; Golden Helix’s solution to replace traditional methods – VS-CNV is Golden Helix’s innovative, market-leading application. This blog provides several different resources to understand the solution and how our customers are using it to significantly reduce analysis time, cost, and outsourcing for their existing pipelines.
  5. Variant Interpretation with VSClinical Series – VSClinical provides a rapid-fire way to investigate any variant’s impact by following the ACMG Guidelines process for classification. This series demonstrates this by looking at interesting examples of rare disorders and showcasing some evaluation steps users may deploy in their analysis.

Congratulations to our fantastic team of authors for curating helpful, relevant content for the Golden Helix community and our readers who support them across the world. We are honored to have the opportunity to educate our readers on our solutions and assist them in their quest for precision medicine.

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