What to expect from Golden Helix in 2015

         January 8, 2015

There is a lot we can be grateful for at Golden Helix. The past year was marked by two major breakthrough launches. Earlier in 2014, we shipped SVS 8 which unified SVS with our GenomeBrowse product. We were able to improve SVS’ data management and visualization capabilities. In addition we added a number of new methods in SVS, such as SKAT-O, MM-KBAC, and various genomic prediction algorithms.

In the fall, we officially entered the genetic testing market with the official launch of VarSeq. We couldn’t have asked for a better start. The product received raving reviews from our clients. In the first few weeks, we signed up a number testing labs.

These efforts have not been unrecognized. Gartner, the world’s leading market research firm, mentioned Golden Helix in their “Hype Cycle for Life Sciences” report in 2014. We view this recognition as another indication that our approach of listening carefully to our clients, developing world class products, and providing excellent services resonates well in the market place.

So, what is ahead of us?

First, our flagship product SVS enjoys global adoption. Researchers are using SVS to conduct extensive GWAS studies, population studies and trio analysis among other things. We have been able to create a large customer base. Between SVS and GenomeBrowse we have thousands of users in hundreds of organizations. Beyond our core market, we believe there is a lot of opportunity for Golden Helix in the plant and animal research community as well as internationally.

Second, VarSeq enjoyed great success from the very moment of its launch. We will continue to develop features that are important to our clinical users. We plan to ship new functionality that will improve the user experience for our testing lab clients.

Third, Golden Helix has always had a strong commitment to customer service. We will double our efforts to support our existing client base with the goal to maximize the yield that our clients get out of our software product.

We have an exciting year 2015 ahead of us at Golden Helix. We will continue to share our knowledge with the community in form of webinars, blog articles and eBooks. We will participate in conferences and events to network with current and future clients.

We are excited to work in this field, helping to fight the major diseases of our time.

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