What to expect from Golden Helix in 2019!

         January 3, 2019

Happy New Year. I trust you had a relaxing time over the holidays with family and friends as well as a great start into 2019. Golden Helix certainly had a landmark year. There were many highlights that actually shaped the direction for us in the years to come. Please let me mention a few:

  1. We launched VSClinical in May 2018: This product is supporting the clinical variant interpretation based on ACMG & AMP guidelines. The product was an instant hit.
  2. We received a $1.8M research grant from the NIH that allows us to continue to refine our CNV analysis capabilities, deeply integrate CNV analytics capability with clinical workflows and explore ways of how to detect other structural variants.
  3. CIO Applications chose us to be among the top 10 Biotechnology Solution Providers in 2018.

Essentially, we had a blast in the last year. Now, for 2019 we will continue on this path. Here are some key elements of our strategy for this year.

  1. Extending the clinical variant interpretation capabilities within VSClinical into the cancer space. (You can see our product announcement on this here.)
  2. Our CNV and Structural Variant capabilities will continue to strengthen. Because of the NIH grant, we will release new capabilities and improvement of existing features over the course of 2019! This will be the case for both product lines: VarSeq and VS-CNV as well as SVS and SVS-CNV.
  3. AI augmented capabilities: Within our software today there are already functions and features that have been implemented based on machine learning technologies that are part of the artificial intelligence innovation wave. We are working on a number of additional capabilities in this space. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

Ultimately, it is our goal to create the best possible user experience for our customers in any type of implementation scenario, such as on-premises, cloud or in a mixed environment. Our technical and support team is highly motivated to ensure your success. Thanks for your loyalty and the tremendous support we have received.

I wish you personally a very prosperous and successful year 2019!

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