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Just getting started and want a quick overview of how to navigate GenomeBrowse? Check out our video tutorials! We'll cover the basics of adding BAM files and public annotations, how to zoom, and get you familiar with the plot controls.

Getting Started with GenomeBrowse

April 24, 2014

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Part Name Runtime Description Download
1 Log-in and Register 0:28 This video goes over how to register and log-in to GenomeBrowse. Download Zipped Video
2 Workspace 0:49 There are several areas of the GenomeBrowse workspace including toolbars, views, and windows. Download Zipped Video
3 Add Dialog 2:23 The Add Dialog allows you to add local BAM files, stream annotation tracks, and get example samples. Download Zipped Video
4 Annotation Convert Source Wizard 2:25 The Convert Source Wizard converts various annotation file types to TSF files. Download Zipped Video
5 Navigation Controls 1:16 Navigating in GenomeBrowse is intuitive and simple. Find out the many ways to explore your data! Download Zipped Video
6 Insertions, Deletions, and Mismatches 0:48 This video highlights what you are seeing in the Plot View and how to get more information. Download Zipped Video
7 Moving and Deleting Plots 0:27 Moving and deleting plots is demonstrated in this segment. Download Zipped Video
8 Changing How Your Data Displays 1:12 You can change colors, titles, and pile-up renderings in GenomeBrowse. Download Zipped Video
9 Evernote 2:47 Evernote provides cloud-based documentation for your projects. Save images, links, and attachements and share them easily with your colleagues. Download Zipped Video

For help with GenomeBrowse, visit our GenomeBrowse Community Site.