VarSeq 2.5.0: VSClinical AMP Workflow from the User Perspective

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November 29, 2023 // 12:00 PM EST

Presented By: Jennifer Dankoff, PhD, Field Application Scientist

With our recent launch of VarSeq 2.5.0, our ability to expedite somatic analysis for NGS labs is more accessible than ever before. Our recent webcasts have shown our range of updates, including our new oncogenicity classifier and carrier status workflows:

  • Identifying Oncogenic Variants in VarSeq
  • VarSeq 2.5.0: Empowering Family Planning through Carrier Screening Analysis

In this user perspective webcast, we will highlight how the combination of our new oncogenicity classifier and the updates to our CancerKB database streamline the interpretation of oncogenic variants. In addition, as NGS labs progress from gene panels to WES analysis for ideal genomic signature generation, we will demonstrate how a VarSeq somatic workflow can scale with these increased scopes of data analysis with ease.

Our user perspective webcast will cover:
  • Application of virtual panels to WES tumor/normal workflows.
  • Use of the oncogenicity classifier to streamline filter chains.
  • Updates to our CancerKB database to include the CancerKB gene track.
  • Including parallel germline secondary findings for the whole NGS workflow.

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