ESHG 2023 Insights

         June 22, 2023

We had a great time in Glasgow, connecting with many current customers and prospective customers at our booth. The in-depth conversations were engaging and offered beneficial insights for our team and the attendees. Thank you all for visiting our booth for a demo as well as attending our Corporate Satellite talk. Below are a few themes that we noticed throughout our conversations.

Whole Genome Sequencing & Long Read Analysis

Through our conversations, we identified more providers offering sequencing for long reads, and this becoming an increasing need for analysis. As a result, we had an interest on our end and how we can support customers in that field. Recently, we hosted a webcast showcasing our latest VarSeq 2.4.0 update and our support for long-read sequencing. If you are interested in watching and learning more, please watch VarSeq 2.4.0: VSClinical ACMG Workflow from the User Perspective.


The importance of automation came up through a variety of conversations. Many attendees seeking to streamline workflows or enhance data analysis are exploring ways to focus their pipelines with analysis automation. The efficiency of workflows for scalability is becoming more common for labs and adding more automation capabilities, such as eliminating manual steps. This level of automation can be seen in a recent webcast, VarSeq 2.4.0: Structural Variants and Advanced Automation in VSClinical ACMG.

Thank you to ESHG for organizing a great event. We enjoyed participating and presenting and look forward to next year in Berlin!

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