Introducing VarSeq Viewer!

         September 10, 2015

With our latest release of VarSeq last Thursday, we are proud to offer the VarSeq ® Viewer to the community, for free! When you download VarSeq ® Viewer, you can explore pre-built projects to interact with the annotations and filters the project provides, visualize selected variants with pile-ups, and export data to widely used formats. To get you started, we have included a TruSight Cardio Gene Panel project.

The best part? Getting started is EASY!

  1. Simply download the view here.
  2. Register your new software.
    VarSeq registration
  3. Open the sample project.
    VarSeq Landing Page
  4. Follow the walkthrough, or explore!
    TruSight Cardio Gene Panel

Download your copy today and start exploring VarSeq! And if you are interested in trying the full version for yourself, you can request a trial here.

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