CNV exome analysis coming to VarSeq!

         March 14, 2017

VarSeq will soon provide CNV exome analysis! In our webcast last week, we announced that we took our CNV caller, VS-CNV, to the next level. Along with the ability to call CNVs at the single-exon level in NGS gene panels, VarSeq can soon be used to call large loss of heterozygosity (LOH) and  CNV events at the exome level.

The combination of these capabilities allows your lab to get additional value out of NGS data.

CNV Exome Analysis

To introduce these new capabilities in VarSeq, we have put together a special CNV offer – for a limited time only! Here are the details:

    • 1 seat of VarSeq with CNV analysis – $9,995 or 1 seat of VarSeq with CNV analysis + VSReports, OMIM & CADD – $14,995!
    • Either package comes with a 15-month introductory license which represents a 25% discount
    • Offer expires on April 30, 2017 and is for new customers only

If you are interested in VarSeq for your testing and CNV needs, please let us know here.

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