NGS-Based Clinical Testing eBook

         February 16, 2017

This generation of scientists, clinicians and bioinformaticians have already elevated the standards for diagnosis, prediction and care, ultimately improving patient outcome for millions of people by leveraging genomic information. This trend is only going to continue. Next-gen sequencing has made its way into the clinic. Golden Helix supports the adoption of Precision Medicine by building products, such as our VarSeq Clinical Suite, that help to welcome in the next frontier of medical care.

In my latest eBook, NGS-Based Clinical Testing, we cover our best understanding on how this revolution in clinical diagnostics will unfold. It reviews critical success factors for the clinical adoption of next-gen sequencing technology. In addition, we go into more detail on how the various parts of a clinical pipeline are implemented, vetted and maintained.

The eBook gives an overview of all key processes and procedures, as well as best practices regarding NGS-based clinical testing. It reviews the wet bench process and discusses the building blocks of a clinical NGS pipeline. There is a separate chapter that focuses entirely on clinical reporting. I also spend some time explaining in detail what Golden Helix’s value proposition looks like in this area.

Along with this new eBook launch, we just conducted a webinar on clinical reporting. Please see the recording of this webinar here.

A lot of people at Golden Helix have contributed to this eBook. It would have been impossible to write this without the ingenious work of our product developers and field scientists. Specifically, I’d like to thank Steven Hystad, Gabe Rudy and Cheryl Rogers for their invaluable contributions.

I hope you enjoy!

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