VarSeq Onboarding and Training Program Now Available!

         January 4, 2024

Get your year started off right with Golden Helix’s new VarSeq Onboarding and Training Program! Analysis of NGS data comes with several challenges, but mastery of the data analysis software does not have to be one of them. With this in mind, Golden Helix is pleased to announce that VarSeq Onboarding and Training tools are now available to all our customers!

Why do Onboarding and Training?

When using the software as part of NGS analysis, some of the challenges teams encounter include minimizing the time and effort invested in learning and adopting a new software, finding the best strategy for onboarding new team members, and maintaining a consistent workflow across all users. Consistency is particularly important when considering the need to meet audit, certification, and other regulatory requirements in the clinical NGS space. Our customer Onboarding and Training Program makes it easier to learn how to use the VarSeq software correctly in order to ensure a user’s comfort and familiarity with the product as quickly as possible. With the VarSeq Onboarding and Training Program, the aim is to enable our customers to reduce the downtime for integrating the software into their NGS workflows and quickly gain confidence and mastery in the use of VarSeq, thereby maximizing the value they gain from the product. Moreover, our systematic approach to learning the software empowers users to confidently and independently design, modify, save, and share repeatable NGS workflows and maintain a consistent strategy across their entire team.

Who Will Benefit from VarSeq Onboarding and Training?

The VarSeq Onboarding and Training Program benefits both existing and new customers. Learning VarSeq’s features and capabilities deeply will require an initial time investment, but the investment pays off as you ultimately gain control over your workflow design and validation. Filling in any knowledge gaps iteratively reduces the time and effort that goes into software implementation.

New customers – When using any new software or device, especially for use in a medical research or clinical capacity, it is highly recommended, or even required, for new users to undergo onboarding training. With these onboarding and training tools, we provide the educational activities and materials that get our new customers up to speed in an organized and streamlined manner.

Existing customers – Onboarding is typically directed at new customers, but training is ongoing and thus equally applicable to existing customers. Our tools will assist our existing customers who want to gain a higher level of mastery of the VarSeq product and improve the efficiency of their current usage strategies. This is also helpful for those who wish to adopt new features, whether it is a component that is new to them or an entirely new software upgrade.

Team leaders – Users in charge of onboarding their staff will also benefit from faster turnaround times for training new team members, as we provide shareable training materials that are user-friendly and approachable to navigate and a training experience that empowers them to train others.

Tools for VarSeq Onboarding and Training

Briefly, our tools consist of practical step-by-step guidance for VarSeq usage, pointing the user to written instruction with detailed graphics, video content, and domain knowledge glossaries on our Learning Site. The content is organized by the feature or module the user is interested in learning and comes with progress-tracking tools. The modules currently available for training are Basic VarSeq, VSClinical ACMG Guidelines, VSClinical AMP Guidelines, Advanced Clinical Report Customization, VarSeq CNV, VarSeq Pipeline, and VarSeq Warehouse. These training tools enable the user to grasp both the knowledge and practical factors necessary for basic mastery of the VarSeq software and open up channels for the user to provide feedback. The training materials are complemented by our VarSeq manual and our beginner and advanced-level tutorials. Most importantly, the training materials go hand in hand with dedicated training sessions with our Field Application Scientists, where a user can initially observe proper software usage and then receive assistance on an as-needed basis as they conduct analyses in VarSeq. These sessions become a part of each team’s individual library of training materials. Through this approach, we facilitate each team’s learning style and preference with regard to the level of independence. Additionally, though most of the content is written, our training modules also contain a growing amount of short-form audio-visual content for those who prefer this medium of learning.

Our unique approach is designed to provide an onboarding and training experience that best fits with the customer’s needs as they work towards validating their NGS workflows, meeting go-live deadlines, and continuously achieving their production goals. Preparation is the key to success, and our onboarding program is designed to prepare our users to confidently and efficiently conduct their NGS analyses with VarSeq.

To get started with the VarSeq Onboarding and Training program or to share any questions or comments on this topic, please reach out to Happy New Year from us at Golden Helix, and here’s to getting your year of NGS analysis off to an excellent start!

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