Golden Helix Announces VSClinical

Clinical Interpretation of Variants Based on ACMG Guidelines

Bozeman, MT (April 9, 2018) — Golden Helix has announced the upcoming release of VSClinical, the company’s newest software solution for increasing the efficiency and accuracy of variant interpretation.

Available for trial/purchase in May 2018, VSClinical will allow labs to automate their clinical interpretation of variants based on ACMG Guidelines. This is a significant advancement to help eliminate the problems with human error and individual subjectivity. It will also reduce the time and effort required to sign off on clinical reports.

This product was funded by NIH grant 1R43GM128485-01. “We are grateful for the fact that the National Institute of General Medical Sciences agreed with our development and research plan and funded our work in this space,” says Dr. Andreas Scherer, CEO & President of Golden Helix. “In addition, numerous labs around the world gave us valuable feedback in our development work. I’d like to thank all of our contributors for their valuable support.”

Golden Helix will be demonstrating VSClinical live for the first time at the Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting (ACMG) in Charlotte, NC April 10-14, 2018. During these demonstrations, conference attendees will receive a complete understanding of VSClinical’s complete use of capabilities.

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Delaina Hawkins
Marketing Manager
Golden Helix, Inc.