New Plugin for Ion Torrent Server

         October 21, 2014

Golden Helix is proud to announce the release of the Golden Helix GenomeBrowse Plugin for Ion Torrent server. The new plug-in enables adding selected BAM files from Torrent Server reports directly into GenomeBrowse. The BAM files remain on the torrent server and are streamed from the server on demand using your credentials. This feature allows GenomeBrowse users to visualize genomic data stored on the torrent server along a rich library of streamable annotations without downloading large BAM files directly to disk.


To install the plugin, log in to the Torrent Server and access the admin plugin configuration area from the gear menu “Plugins” option.

Next, click “Install or Upgrade Plugin” and paste the address of the link below into the Torrent Server URL prompt.


Once the plugin has been installed, it can be run from any of the data reports on the torrent server by clicking the “Select plugins to run” button at the bottom of the report page.


From the plugin window, select the Golden Helix GenomeBrowse plugin. The plugin will then prompt the user for the torrent server hostname. After verifying the correct hostname, click the submit button to run the plugin.


Once the plugin is finished running, a list of the bam files associated with the current run will be shown on the report page. Each bam file can be imported into GenomeBrowse or added using the link server. While the Link Server buttons require that GenomeBrowse is open and running the “Link Server” with the default port, the “Add to Genome Browse” buttons will automatically launch GenomeBrowse and import the specified BAM file.


The new GenomeBrowse plugin makes it easy to import and visualize Torrent Server data. So, instead of tediously downloading large BAM files to perform visualization, use the Golden Helix GenomeBroswe plug-in and experience stunning visualizations of your genomic data in no time.

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