Join us for a GWAS in Arabidopsis Thaliana

         July 8, 2014

Join us tomorrow, July 9th at 12PM EDT, for Ashley Hintz’s webcast on GWAS in a Model Organism: Arabidopsis Thaliana.

Joining the Golden Helix team as a Field Application Scientist in April of 2014, Hintz is the perfect candidate to present on Arabidopsis Thaliana given her background in zoology and phylogenetics of planigales.

On the 9th Hintz will be presenting on the utility of SVS for analyzing plant GWA data, using publicly available SNP data for Arabidopsis thaliana as a case study. Along the way, Hintz will demonstrate how SVS can be used to manage data, analyze population structure, perform genotype QA and ultimately replicate a published genetic association in A. thaliana using EMMAX regression. She will also address the flexibility of SVS for analyzing the genomes of other plant and animal species.

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